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Sorry - our reseller program is closed.

Reseller Information

SmoothPay offers a reseller program for Smoothpay desktop and network payroll, starting with a basic sales margin and progressing into more lucrative partnership arrangements based on minimum sales targets. There is no reseller margin for the cloud-edition.

The opportunity for a reseller is to earn extra revenue implementing and providing additional support where required (the 35% margin on each sale is a small incentive to get motivated).

  • We will provide you with whatever support, training and resources we are able to provide, however you are responsible for your own publicity and marketing.
  • We provide all end-user training, installation and data transfer assistance and you may assist in this process as long as the customer is aware they can receive training from us for free.
  • Prospective users should be given the opportunity to use the free trial period - with full helpdesk support - before committing to a purchase.
  • We will publish your contact details in the reseller section of the countries you have applied to sell into.

If you are interested in becoming a SmoothPay reseller then please complete an application form (see below), send it to us and we'll contact you for an interview. With the right team we can build a profitable, symbiotic relationship.

Basic Reseller Program

Our basic reseller program provides you with a 35% margin on the advertised retail price - excludes Express and NGO/non-profit desktop and all Cloud payroll licences
  • You must be a registered company and provide evidence of actually being a software reseller (physical premises and/or online presence) and your primary contact details, ABN/Business number, and bank account details (for margin payments).
  • We will interview you before committing to any reseller relationship - and we expect you to interview us and trial SmoothPay to ensure it fits your product line.
  • If you wish to provide installer links on your website then we will provide you with URLs to be used. These are hosted on our website and must appear on your website as direct links to the URLs provided (as we update the installers frequently).
  • You may sell the product directly to the end user. If you do this you must email a goods order for the product and the number of staff it will be used for and provide the client's company name, address and contact details (including phone and email) so that an activation code can be issued. We will bill you 65% of the current retail price for the software licence being ordered (you may discount, but we still expect 65% of the retail price). The activation code will be issued once payment has been received.
  • The client may purchase directly from us. As long as their registration identifies you as supplier, or you have notified us that they are your client BEFORE the sales transaction occurs, then we will reimburse you 35% of the amount paid (we reserve the right to discount and reduce your margin based on the discounted price). Margin payments are made to your designated bank account within 14 days.
  • You may provide copies of the current installation package (exe or dmg) on any media except other websites - e.g. USB sticks, CD/DVD, pre-install etc., all of which will help you maximise your revenue from SmoothPay sales.
  • You may purchase SmoothPay for your own use subject to a maximum margin deduction of 35% - we do not provide free payroll software other than for the standard trial period.
  • There is no entitlement to a margin on annual licence renewal fees unless you have qualified for our Partnership Program (see below).
  • There is no margin payable on Express licences nor "Email support only" or Non-profit/Charitable Trust purchases and subscriptions (these are specially priced for small companies and Non-profits). Express/email-only licences must be purchased directly from our website.

Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program is for resellers who excel.
  • If your sales volumes are in excess of AUD$8000 (based on retail prices) in the immediate preceding 12 months you will be entitled to a 5% increase in the margin for the current sale. This percentage increases by 5% for each additional $8000 sales volume to a maximum of 65% total margin on any sale.
  • We check your sales volumes every time a licence renewal occurs. If your sales volume in the immediate preceding 12 months is AUD$8000 or more you will be entitled to 5% of the licence renewal value, increasing by a further 5% for each additional $8000 increment of sales volume, to a maximum of 35%. There is no margin payable on subscription renewals if sales volumes fall below these thresholds.

Termination of reseller arrangements

  • A sales volume of less than 2 licences in any 12-month period forfeits all benefits and terminates your reseller arrangement immediately and without notice (if 2 sales per year is your target, then please do not apply).
  • You may resign your reseller arrangement at any time by notifying us.
  • We may terminate your reseller arrangement at any time and for any reason (we will usually provide 30 days notice and a reason, however in cases where we deem your actions unprofessional or contrary to our terms we will terminate effective immediately)
  • We will notify our client base that you are no longer an accredited SmoothPay reseller.

In all cases of termination, no further benefits will be payable by us and you may no longer sell SmoothPay.

Reseller Agreement Application forms