SmoothPay Payroll

Powerful Mac and PC desktop payroll for Fiji

Sorry - SmoothPay and goPayroll online are no longer available for Fiji

We no longer have confidence in the ability of the FRCA to provide fair and sensible tax calculations and no further updates will be provided to our customers in Fiji

PLEASE NOTE: SmoothPay provides 3 methods for calculating tax in Fiji. By default, tax calculations match the printed Tax Tables (as closely as possible, however those rules do not cater for SRT, or retrospective tax on bonus payments or annual credits for redundancy etc). SmoothPay also provides Regulation 6 calculations (however the rules are very poorly defined and the tax spreadsheet produces different amounts of tax for the same annual income depending on how it's entered - we have implemented these rules using common sense). There is also a third option that requires you to enter the tax you wish to be deducted.