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The ZKTeco TX628 fingerprint/RFID timeclock

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This product is specially priced for SmoothPay Gold and goPayroll customers and only while stocks last - price includes shipping!

A timeclock can speed up your pay processing by collecting timesheet data for you.

SmoothPay have secured a limited stock of ZKTeco TX628 fingerprint/RFID timeclocks. Setup is easy with the instructions provided, and clocking data is simply exported to a USB stick and imported into SmoothPay.

SmoothPay also supports a full range of timeclock and time import options ranging from simple CSV files to cloud-based attendance systems and more specialised attendance devices too.

Click here for a full range of time import and integration options available in SmoothPay

ZKTeco TX628

Fingerprint and RFID Timeclock

NZ$425 includes delivery and GST (where applicable)
Simple fingerprint and/or RFID enrolment, incl 10 RFID cards
Stores 3,200 templates and 80,000 transactions
Export to USB for transfer to Smoothpay Gold or goPayroll online
ZKTeco TX628 fingerprint and RFID TIMECLOCK $425

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