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The guides available here illustrate various aspects of using SmoothPay desktop and online payroll - we suggest you view each guide in the Essential Reading section in the order presented presented to get the most knowledge in the shortest amount of time (the most important of these guides is also available under the Help menu in SmoothPay).

Essential reading
  • Savings and Loans: Manage employer-operated savings and loan account
  • TeamViewer: Our fully licensed, branded and secure on-demand support tool is built-in and lets us provide you with direct-to-desktop training and assistance when required
Pay processing
  • The pay process: A description of a complete pay process, so you can see just how easy it all is
  • Savings and Loans: Manage employer-operated savings and loan accounts
  • Overheads (fringe-benefits): Charge overhead costs (such as WorkCover, Payroll Tax, accruing leave liabilities, etc.) directly from SmoothPay to your costing reports and ledger transfers
  • Cash sheet: Handy worksheet for cash breakdown of arbitrary payment amounts
Timeclocks, Attendance and Human Resource System integration
  • Automatic Overtime: Illustrated guide to using SmoothPay's built-in Timesheet input to automatically extract overtime from total hours per day.
  • Auto-Quote timesheet integration guide: How to import timesheet data from Auto-Quote
  • CS TimeClock: Step-by-step guide to using SmoothPay's built-in communication tools to access and process timeclock entries from your CapeSoft TimeClock. In addition CS Timeclocks provide a handy series of installation videos (click here). If you require integration of multiple clocks (e.g. where you have more than one ingress/egress) or you require the ability to monitor and edit time entries then you should consider purchasing TNA5 Time and Attendance software from this website (TNA5 is not supplied by SmoothPay)
  • CSV Import (Staff and Time): Import new staff and/or timesheet data from standard CSV format files created from any spreadsheet application (please see Flexi-CSV for a more flexible importer).
  • CSV Payments: Simple updating of amounts owed by staff to an agency (e.g. phone bills, sundry debtor balances etc.)
  • Deputy Rostering and Attendance: Employee scheduling and attendance made easy - even easier now that Smoothpay includes built-in direct access to Deputy's API for seamless timesheet import. Visit for more information about Deputy.
  • iDt group - Leaders in Workforce Management Solutions: Whether your employees are based in an office, a factory or on the road, iDt have your staff attendance solutions covered
  • Lauranka time & attendance integration guide: This powerful time and attendance system for NZ business provides an extract that can easily be imported into SmoothPay, saving you time preparing payroll - visit website for more information
  • People Inc HRIS: If you need to extend the basic HR functionality already built-in to SmoothPay then you should consider this extensive Human Resources (HRIS) system (key features) which integrates simply with SmoothPay to automatically update employee data
  • Schlage HP3000e HandPunch: Direct integration between SmoothPay and Ingersoll-Rand's HP3000 series timeclocks
  • Time Clock MTS: Use any Windows computer as an employee time clock - see this blog entry for export setup instructions
  • Time Clock MTS Online: allows you to use any modern web browser on any type of computer to record and report on your employee time and attendance data. It can be configured to run from multiple locations in different timezones and can completely replace your manual or handwritten time card systems or old PC based time clock software
  • TimeFiler: Time Tracking | Timesheet, Leave Management & Roster: Smart time management system, designed to make managing employee time simple - SmartPhone app available for employee attendance, leave, payslips and notifications. Import the standard SmoothPay extract from TimeFiler (API option coming soon)
  • TimeTarget time & attendance integration guide: Easily import payroll timesheet records from a simple file extract. Visit the website for more details of the powerful solutions they offer to help employers with time and attendance, rostering and more
  • WorkflowMax: Step-by-step guide to using SmoothPay to directly access and process timeclock entries from your WorkflowMax account. WorkflowMax is an online solution that allows you and your staff to track time, manage jobs, create quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Visit the WorkflowMax website for more info.
  • zkTeco timeclock integration guide: The great (and inexpensive) ZKTeco series of timeclocks offer fast biometric identification (face, fingerprint) and/or RFID card or key tag and a simple import to SmoothPay. Here's an example of our simplified ZKTeco TX628 Setup guide

You can also import from Clockify (free), CompuTime, CapeSoft, EasyClocking, EzyTracker, iBodyShop, iDt Group, Nimbus, Swept, TimeCloud, TimeFiler, TimeTarget, TimeTrak, Vinea, Vinny, Virdi and WorkflowMax

Click here for links to loads of other time and attendance solutions, reviews and information - find the perfect solution!

Accounting integration

Other accounting systems: You can use SmoothPay's accounting coding structure to suit any accounting system - including GL account, job and department codes and descriptions. Just set them up in SmoothPay to match what you’re using.
  • TIP: Change the exiting codes in SmoothPay to match the basic codes you use in your accounting system (this is much more efficient than deactivating existing codes and creating a whole bunch of new ones) - please refer to our basic payroll accounting guide for an overview of the accounts required and how the journalling of payroll data works.
The costing reports will group the data accordingly (expenses analysis, then contra entries to holding accounts) but you’ll have to manage the journalling of costs manually in your accounting system (unless it can utilise our default glcosting format). We always consider requests to add suport for other systems, so if you think we could improve our integration options just let us know.

Leave management
  • Leave Management: Step-by-step guide to leave setup, adjustments, consuming leave and leave reporting (covers all countries supported by SmoothPay)
  • Leave Loading: Step-by-step guide to establishing Leave Loading correctly for Australia (note: SmoothPay automatically implements leave loading requirements for NZ and Australian sites)
  • RDO's (also called TOIL in NZ): Step-by-step guide to using SmoothPay to automatically accrue excess hours towards Rostered Days Off
  • Paid Parental Leave: How to set up and use Paid Parental Leave in SmoothPay for Australia (NZ Parental Leave is catered for by completing the Contract..Misc settings for Parental Leave)
  • Final pay processing: A handy guide to help you determine an employee's final leave entitlement, and how to recalculate an employee's leave balance
  • Superannuation: Step-by-step guide to setting up superannuation, salary sacrifice, employee contributions and super reporting (targets Australian sites, however includes information useful for all countries)
  • SuperStream: Electronic filing user guide for superannuation contributions (Australia)
End of Year processing
  • End of Year: An overview of End-of-year procedures (contains suggested procedures for all countries supported by SmoothPay)
  • Payment Summaries: Step-by-step guide to producing Payment Summaries, generating the EMPDUPE file and testing it using the ATO portal (Australia only) - see also STP (Single Touch Payroll)
Multi-user payroll
  • Multi-user payroll: If you want to share your payroll data across your network (or you are using Windows terminal services or Citrix) then this guide is for you - you'll need a minimum of 5-seat licence to use this effectively

Country-specific guides

New Zealand
  • Leave Auditing: SmoothPay can perform an audit of your leave position (reconstructed leave records in weeks, over/under-payments to terminated staff) from a simple CSV extract, or can interrogate many other systems for a leave audit.
  • Net Pay Smoothing: Provides certainty for farm workers by normalising net pay by advancing or retaining income automatically and provides Holidays Act compliance by recording actual figures.