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SmoothPay payroll was born of a desire to make payroll processing easier and affordable for smaller companies that have to meet the same legislative and tax reporting burdens as larger companies.

So, in 1995, SmoothPay released it’s first edition of a Windows payroll for the New Zealand market and at the time was the only commercially available Windows payroll for small employers and has lead the way with new features and functionality ever since. Many competing payroll vendors have copied things like internet backup, emailing payslips etc. but often fail to deliver on compliance to the extent that SmoothPay has. We were very early adopters of electronic filing, integration with many leading accounting systems, banking systems, timeclocks, attendance and HR systems and continue to provide integration with leading brands.

In the years since, SmoothPay has continued to evolve and some adaptation for users in Australia and Papua New Guinea led us to the decision to build SmoothPay Gold and to embed our extensive payroll knowledge and systems design into a product that could cater for all the varied requirements of international payroll.

SmoothPay Gold payroll implements a much more advanced architecture than it’s predecessor and is available for both Mac and PC and provides significantly more power, portability and flexibility.

Our latest ONLINE payroll offering (goPayroll) went beta in March 2017 and live in June 2017 and incorporates the majority of features and functionality from the desktop edition - without requiring any software to be installed and accessible from your browser. It also provides you the ability to download your entire payroll database which can in turn be used with the desktop edition (if you decide to move from cloud to desktop or the other way). You own your data so we make it easy for you to access it whenever you need.

SmoothPay is also one of very few companies to include direct-to-desktop training and assistance with it’s products - this saves time and means there are no expensive courses required. You call, we help.

Our senior developer, Matt Gardner, has been involved with payroll processing and financial systems since 1975 and has been writing and supporting software systems since the early 80’s. This vast experience and development of 4 prior generations of payroll software is instilled in our products and you can be sure of stable and robust software and great support when you need it (you may even get to speak with Matt if he’s not busy on the next great project).

Feel free to try SmoothPay for a no-obligation free trial period and call us if you have any questions or require assistance.

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